Software Developer
Linux - Ruby - Go - Kubernetes
headshotThanks for stopping by. If we've never met, my name is Jay. I'm a software developer currently living in the Bay Area, although I've lived and traveled various parts of the globe. Curiosity led me to discover the web, but I fell in love after building something my friends started using. Watching others enjoy something I created was such a thrill that I haven't stopped since.

Software Engineer: Immediately
Touching every part of the development process from brainstorming features to deployment, I worked with VP of Engineering in a fast paced startup to build backend infrastructure of Gong, an iOS app.
Side Projects
Crypto Headlines
Retro Arcade
JavaScript Arcade is a browser based arcade featuring two games Breakout and Falldown. They were made using Rails, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I used Rails to persist the high scores. After each game I use AJAX to save the score to the database then upon completion use AJAX again to retrieve the top five highest scores.
Developed a minor addiction to following cryptocurrencies in the news, so I built this to satiate the cravings. Crawls Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and various news sources to find the latest headlines and video.
TheMuse-Seek allows users to discover new music, create playlists, and share posts they make with friends. Posts are ordered in the main feed by the HackerNews ranking algorithm I rewrote in Ruby. If a user visits the site without having a valid session token, they will be able to view the site as a guest. Being logged in as a guest allows the user to view the site but not make any changes to the database, which would include voting on songs and adding songs to a playlist. I decided to implement this feature to get more visitors to sign up. One of the biggest technical challenges was implementing the playlist, you can find the details of this in the Readme on Github.